Wonderful vet!!! My daughter had found a humming bird dieing after it had fallen from knocking it self out after hitting the usbank building glass mirror windows. My daught could not leave it there and told mom you have to do something.... Not sure what to do but I walk in to James and tell I don t what to do with this humming bird but what ever you do please make daughter stop beening so upset. He had her come in and together they put it in a bird cage when they did that the bird woke up and then together they let the humming bird go from the back of the office. Any other vet woulkd not have even bother with helping the bird or a child have a melt down over this dieing bird. Dr. James is just Amazing!!!

Amazing vet! He identified a knee injury in our dog without need of x-rays or nmr. Three days later he repaired her torn ACL - at a very reasonable price. Everything was thoroughly explained and other options given. The staff is equally wonderful. These people love animals and treat all with respect.

My puppy cut her paw and she did not have a regular vet. I found this place in the phone book. Everyone was so nice. I was charged so little I will definitely make Footprints my regular vet. I am very grateful to them.